Hello World!

1 min readApr 2, 2021
Hello to the Chobo world.

ChoboCoin is a stable token on the Tron chain with a fixed price of 1 dollar per token. The aim is to create an EBIDTA on working products and to send it to Chobocoin holders countercyclically via tax-free airdrop.

Background to the CEO:
15 years of experience in software development and architecture, as well as 5 years of experience as a project manager for IoT and system architectures. I studied computer science with a master's degree at a technical university. I don't want to reveal my personality at the moment, as we may implement DeFi and this includes a basic idea of ​​anonymity.

I myself have been in Crypto since 2013 and I bring in my equity in a high 6-digit sum to cover Chobo 1: 1 with USD.

We are confident that this project will be a success. We always welcome criticism.